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Winning & Boozing in the SEC: Rivalry Week Part 2

It’s the last week of the regular season, so what better time for me to finally make a change to this weekly article. Instead of 2,500 scathing words about this week’s matchups I’ve decided to do a video for Saturday’s rivalry games breaking down each game instead. It’s taken me roughly 28 total hours of trying to figure out how to work photo booth, iMovie, and upload to YouTube because when it comes to technology I ride the short bus.

Without further adieu here your first ever video installment of Winning and Boozing in the SEC. Enjoy!

Tennessee (-7.5) @ Vandy

Score – Tennessee 38-23

Booze – Whatever make believe playdoh bullshit that was at the table in the food fight scene from Hook.

Mississippi St. @ Ole Miss (-8)

Score – Ole Miss 38-27

Booze – Corked Wine out of a Solo Cup.

Florida @ Florida St (-6.5)

Score – FSU 24-13

Booze – Literally anything mixed with a Monster energy drink.

Georgia Tech @ Georgia (-4)

Score – Tech 31-27

Booze – Saki, Sapporo, or Beck’s Non-Alcoholic beer out of the British Open Claret Jug.

Auburn @ Bama (-17.5)

Score – Bama 34-13

Booze – Poison. Just poison.

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