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Kellyanne Conway and The Bowling Green Blunder

Kellyanne Conway’s Bowling Green Blunder

Senior White House adviser Kellyanne Conway is making headlines again after a recent statement she made in an interview with MSNBC’s Chris Matthews. Conway used the phrase “Bowling Green massacre” when referring to a 2009 incident where two Iraqi nationals were caught trying to smuggle weapons back to Iraq to aid in terrorist operations. One of the suspects was later confirmed by fingerprint analysis, among other evidence, to be an IED manufacturer who made bombs that killed U.S. troops in Iraq.

The man even admitted his intentions in coming to America were to carry out terrorist attacks here in the states. Although the incident was an embarrassment to immigration officials and the Obama administration, it certainly didn’t get as much news attention as Kellyanne Conway’s recent misspeaking about the incident:

With all this being said, this is where many on the left sacrifice logical thought in order to make their point about social justice issues. A bonafied terrorist from Iraq who that killed American troops was allowed to move to the states under the Obama administration’s refugee initiative. He did so with the intention of carrying out terrorist acts here in America; he admitted that. Yet the headlines and collective disdain by those on the left are about a trump adviser misspeaking about a portion of the story.

The Twitter reaction was swift, witty, and expected as many took to the platform to mock Conway’s blunder. The View chimed in with, well, what they seem to be contractually obligated to say, annnd New Yorkers did what they’re seemingly contractually obligated to do as well, having hipster gatherings and protests aimed at pointing out that yet another Trump person said something wrong. It was a multi-pronged display of righteous wittiness over what I will acknowledge was an embarrassing swing and miss by Conway; but are those on the left whiffing the ball (when it comes to this story) too?

As someone who’s not a staunch Trump administration supporter, I’m not here to defend Conway’s statement. If her wordage, “Bowling Green massacre” was as (as liberals claim) an insinuation that there was a terrorist attack there, she was factually wrong; and she was ethically wrong for suggesting so (especially considering she’s an adviser and spokesman for the President).

But, it’s absurd how much notoriety cynical internet trolling receives when it’s nothing more than divisive and diplomatic double standards. For instance, Chelsea Clinton mocking Conway is laughable when you recall the fact that her own mother once claimed (on camera) that when she was First Lady she landed in Bosnia and ran of a plane frantically trying to dodge sniper fire when actual video (from that day) shows her casually leaving the tarmac smiling, waiving, and shaking hands without a single wrinkle or ounce of dust on whatever pantsuit she was wearing that day.

Furthermore, it speaks volumes about the lack of prioritization of issues by many on the left when the headlines and outcries are centered around a blunder made by her and not the blunder made by our national security infrastructure as a whole. That blunder could have, like it has in the past, cost innocent American lives; but by all means, let’s forget about an active terrorist already responsible for the deaths of Americans being allowed to move to the states (with the intention of killing more Americans). Let’s instead talk about something embarrassing that Kellyanne Conway said. Priorities, priorities.


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