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In The Trenches (Week 6)

I am still recovering. My voice is still not quite back, I’m still fatigued from a mix of intense stress cleaning and useless flexing every time Vosean Joseph made a play, and the dog is still concerned that I’m upset at him.

The LSU game means a lot more to Gator fans ever since their spineless jackass of an AD forced the 2016 game to be played in Baton Rouge. It means that little discourtesies, like the LSU band attempting to play over the first Tom Petty tribute without realizing what was going on like last year, are taken with more offense behind them. It also makes a win like Saturday that much bigger and meaningful. The Swamp is back!

A win like that also opens up possibilities that weren’t just a month ago. Georgia looks to have a vulnerability or two. Kentucky to Texas A&M losing means the Cocktail Party has even higher stakes, and that when UGA and Kentucky play, I’ll be right next to my wife woofing like a maniac. October is definitely upon us, and like so many before, October brings the south to a crazy fever pitch.

Let’s recap the weekend!

Florida vs LSU (27-19)

Yep, I’m still happy! The LSU offensive game plan was scripted perfectly for the first series, then the wheels fell off for Jeaux Burreaux, who ended his day throwing two picks (one for six) on their final two drives. LSU is far from out in the West, but if they have their sights set on Alabama, they’d better get their physical shit together. LSU was (surprisingly) outperformed on both lines of scrimmage, specifically the offensive line, of whom I’m sure are still having nightmares of Vosean Joseph and Jachai Polite. Of all the teams in the west to bounce back, LSU might have what it takes. I certainly will be pulling for them this Saturday.

UGA vs Vandy (41-13)

Somehow, I agree with Kirby Smart that UGA’s latest victory wasn’t all that impressive, despite what the scoreboard looks like. The Dawgs offense, admittedly viewed through vodka goggles, wasn’t particularly dominant, and there’s still a sense of undisciplined play that’s going to haunt UGA at some point this year.

Miami vs FSU (28-27)

Anyone else remember when this game used to be good? I mean, the score was close, but the game was just awful. There was a pregame scuffle that looked more like a 2018 playground fight, a lot of talking but not much action. The once powerful programs threatened to fight once again over a kickoff that ended with the kicker and returner both getting hurt. FSU should’ve won this atrocity of a game, but some how the U doubled it’s self after a N’Kosi Perry strike to the TE. Both programs clearly have a long way to go before reaching former glories.

Dodgers vs Braves (3-1)

I’ve been secretly boycotting the Braves since their move to Cobb county, only attending one game in the two years STP has been opened, and that was because of a free ticket. That doesn’t mean I’m not disappointed they lost to the Dodgers, and it got me back into baseball for a nice distraction this week. I’m pretty sure the Brew Crew is the team to beat in the NL, but the point is the Braves still aren’t there, and I’ll end my paid attendance boycott to go to a World Series. At least I can admit I can be bought.

Usually I go off on how Florida is blah blah blah. They’re playing Vandy this week, and I can’t get excited for an SEC Network noon game. Instead, I’m legit excited for UGA vs LSU. I’m absolutely rooting for the Tigers this weekend, only adding fuel to the fire that is the most awkward part of my marriage. My wife is very loving and roots for Florida when they’re not playing UGA so I’ll be happy. I’m an asshole and root for UGA’s opponents because I want Florida to win the SEC. Am I really an asshole for rooting for my teams beat interests? Comment below.

Until next week!

-Bobby Burchins

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