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About Chris


I’m a 29-year-old bartender and standup comedian from Atlanta. Basically, 98% of my income comes from making mojitos and pretending to be invested into small talk. However, saying I’m a standup comedian is something I keep in my back pocket because it sometimes impresses women and is a great get-out-of-career-explanation free card at family get-togethers. I played baseball in college, and was regarded as one of the best 3rd string second basemen in Georgia College & State University history (nbd). I’m an avid fan of most sports, but my real passions are college football, arguing, drinking to forget, Disney movies, and crying alone during Tom Rinaldi specials on ESPN. My favorite movie is a tie between Good Will Hunting and The Lion King, I think Taylor Swift is the songbird of our generation,¬†and I believe the Kardashians are a rogue group of fembots that were sent here to destroy the planet.

Live. Laugh. Thug.

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